Sunday, October 24, 2010


I wish it would rain; the drops that come down cleanse my

It washes away all the darkness, it wipes away any
remaining grit and grim that is left over from the night of dreams

Dreams that won’t let you go, dreams that come out of the
depths of your soul

Somewhere deep, deep where you have forgotten, where you have gone

It creeps back up when you slumber, it creeps back up from
the depths that you put it in so many years ago

Years ago when you were young, when all the wrongs were
done to you

You could then have the strength to push it down, down
into the depths never to come out

But now your old, and the walls crack while you’re in your

While you’re in your slumber the walls are cracking and it
creeps out

It’s dark and black and it wants to take you back, back to
where you were once long ago

But now you’re not young, you’re not strong you cannot
fight the demons of your soul

In your slumber its coming for you, you no longer have the
strength to keep the walls from cracking

I wish it would rain; I need the drops to cleanse my soul I
need the darkness to be washed away

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  1. Carmen............ It's Eric... your army son.

    I'm still a Chaplain and in Wainwright. It looks like you and David are now out. Give me a shout... 780 842 1363 x 1438 at Base Chapel. Or if you remember my full name.... then you can email me at that using the suffix.