Monday, January 10, 2011

A Wish For Sleep

A wish for sleep

A place between the darkness and the light

A place where nothing can come to haunt you

No pain, no memoirs of heartache

Haunting thoughts that won’t part from you

Never leaving you for a moment

But continuing their never ending siege on your defences

Breaking you down at every wall

Walls built up to secure your sanity

Sleep is the only sanctuary you have left to run to

But even that has left you alone to fight your battle

And now that you are defenceless against your enemies

You have resorted to allies of medications to help

But the sleep they offer is restless, not calming

They leave room for pain to enter, memories to flow in

They only give you enough rest to make it through until the next night

Then the payment increases to get the same return

The battle continues with no result

When will sleep return to cast her spell on me

Without a ransom note left at my bedside table

All I wish for is sleep to lie down with me

Comfort me; wrap her arms around me in her embrace

And we’ll leave my enemies behind at the door of darkness


  1. Absolutely wonderful writing! *Sigh to sleepless nights and the wish for comfort to close the eyes with ease.

  2. I follow your husband's writing and now I find out that there are two talented people in one family. Seems like a blessing.