Sunday, August 1, 2010

Between the Lines

My heart is stitched together, It has seen many heartbreaks

Its scars have crisscrossed the surface, leaving a trail of darkness

I fall between the lines that no one sees

I talk, I smile

No one knows what goes on, between the lines

That’s where I live

The darkness that envelopes me at night, he thinks

He is my only love

He has seen me before, we have know each other for many years

I come into his arms, he welcomes me

His darkness is here for now, I need to fight him

I need the strength, or he will take me

He has tried before, I need to overcome

I need the light to come back

I will always have scars, I will always have heat breaks

That will crisscross the surface

My heart will heal with scars from years, I will heal

And the darkness must stay away

But he waits for me at night….