Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Friend

We were friends for so long, her and I we grew up
together, played in the fields played on the swings

Went to school, fell in love, had broken hearts cried a
lot, and laughed a lot

We were such good friends, we married, had children, got

I never treated her well though I called her fat, I didn’t
like her a lot of times

But she hung on, she was always there for me no matter how
bad I treated her, she was always good to me, she took me to places I thought I
would never go

Then one day something happened to her, the doctors
weren’t sure, they said wait

The years went by and I notice little things with her, a
stumbled, a tremble, a pain

The doctors now were sure she was sick, there is no cure,
I have to watch as she slowly deteriorate before my eyes, my friend and I always
had, my friend I never treated well

They give me pills so I don’t feel her pain, the pain that
she feels as the disease slowly eats away at her nerves

Shoulded I feel her pain? She has felt mine over the
years, now I am numb to hers

I will just sit by and slowly watch my friend, slowly die

She will leave me not in days but in years, I have to
watch her go

Slowly her legs will go, then I will carry her, I hope she
will understand, that I cannot feel her pain, it is too great for me

But I cry to think of what it is slowly and methodically
doing to her one nerve at a time. I can’t stop this war against her, I can’t
help her

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