Sunday, October 24, 2010


I survived

Not many do, but I did

It was a long road out, and a longer one within

It was dark inside with no way out, people who say just
leave, have never been there

Well I’ve been there, and I know you just can’t leave

They hold you there, with their claws of words

Their words of insecurities, words of hate, words of

They take away your friends, your family, your confidence,
yourself worth

You become nothing, they control you, you are nothing

Your children learn from what they see

Do you do them any good to stay?

Or do you just continue the cycle, for another set of


  1. These words, so wise, so true, you cannot avoid their pain striking reality. But we know Carmen, that at the same time - this lifetime - there are also words of trust, safety, admiration, friendship, hope and especially LOVE. And I know that this person, this poet, YOU, that has written this poem, is THE BEAUTIFUL ONE, the one to be loved.

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  3. Thank you for your comments, we all have our demons that we have written from. We all have our good days and bad, it's how we come out at the end and continue on through it all. I understand from the little I read so far that you have gone through a lot and understand. I appreciate your time you have taken to read my poems. Thank you.